SunandWeather - Music


This section contains original music. To download the track in 16-bit, 44.1 kHz: Right-click on the title and "Save As...". If you want it in 16-bit, 48 kHz: Use the download button in the Soundcloud box.


Too Late for Life

My submission for the Newgrounds Underdog Audio Contest Knockout Round 2021. The song was written and produced in under 2 weeks, as per the rules of the competition.

A Winter Reflection

A song about being alone on Christmas.


If it´s Corona Time, it´s Corona Time!

Interesting Faces

Written and produced as a 2 week challenge.

Numbing Memories

Written for my fathers wedding in 2018. Finally got around to finish the production.

Conflicting Thoughts

The result of a Band-in-a-Box challenge.

All sounds except the vocals were made using a kazoo, wrist bells and a banana shaker.

Nothing Left

A Rock song.

Written and recorded with Larmproffsen.

I See You

A Synth-Pop song.

I got help with the mastering from a local Dansband (Dance Band) musician on this track.

Mind What You Wish For

A Soft-Synth song made with only the sounds from a Roland U-20 digital synth from 1989 and vocals.

I found a Roland U-20 with a broken keyboard at a fleamarket. The rest of the synth was working and had some really nice sounds. So I decided to create a song with only the sounds from this synth.

It Makes Sense

An Electronic song.

This track was made for the Newgrounds Inspired Music contest of 2015 on the website It is also featured on the album: "Newgrounds Inspired Music (20 Years of Newgrounds)"

The whole album can be downloaded for free here