SunandWeather - Videos


A collection of videos; some related to the Projects.

Power Mixer Repair

A repair video focusing on systematic troubleshooting of the Carlsbro Cobra 90 PA.

Good Looking Music

Can music look good? Yes!

Electrocution by Music

Can you feel music flowing through you? Enhance your music experience by electrocution!

The NES Stereo Mixer

Get just the stereo sound you want out of the Nintendo Entertainment System with the NES Stereo Mixer!

Pushing Digital Recording to the Limit!
What happens above the Nyquist Frequency?

What happens when a digital recorder tries to record higher frequencies than it can handle? i. e. above the Nyquist frequency?

The Reflection of Lost Woods (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) played on the piano

How would Lost Woods sound if the piano keyboard was reflected? Listen for yourself.