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A collection of videos; some related to the Projects.

Crispy Critter Disorder

Let’s try to explain P3s compulsive usage of his peculiar catchphrase “Crispy Critters” throughout the events of Atomic Heart.

The Carlsbro Cobra is Broken Again...

The Carlsbro Cobra 90 PA returns after almost 5 years in the field.

The Science Behind the Auger Rifle

Is it possible to create a weapon with projectiles that pass through walls effortlessly but still cause lethal damage to your enemies?

Humanity's Greatest Threat

Nora is certainly more than just a robot gone haywire. I would go so far as to say that she represents humanity's greatest threat. A threat that we are facing right now!

The Nomai's Quantum Misconception

Outer Wilds is filled with interesting quantum phenomena to explore. The ancient inhabitants mapped out and utilised these phenomena, but they made a mistake. We will go through the science behind one of these phenomena and see where they got it wrong.

There's a Little Bit of Sonic in All of Us. Literally!

Sonic plays a greater part in your life than you might think.

How Playing TLOU2 Will Improve Your Health

The Last of Us Part II is a real opinion divider. But regardless of your level of enjoyment, there might be other benefits to playing the game. We will examine how playing The Last of Us Part II could actually improve you health, among other things.

The Original Radio of the Future

The Radio of the Future is a 1921 essay by Velimir Khlebnikov, and it seems to have had a significant impact on the events of Atomic Heart.

Dr. Robotnik: From Goofball to Supervillain

In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Eggman demonstrates that he is far more than a goofy looking mischief-maker. We are going to analyse the key factors of this encounter that convinces us that he is in fact a true supervillain.

I Suspect Who the Goose Is!

In Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct we come across an aggressive goose. I think I know who he is!

The Physics of Choice

Are you a man, or a slave? Is there such a thing as free will? We will take a look at what it means to choose, from a scientific perspective.

The Zeno Refrigerator

Can you control something simply by observing it? This is something we get to witness at the Federal Bureau of Control. Let's figure out the science behind this phenomenon.

The Boring Side of Being a Supervillain

How can Eggman afford all his stuff? And why is he not in jail? The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog gives us some insight into Eggmans operations, which might help us in answering these questions.

Can You Control People with Sound?

Let's figure out the science behind The Hiss; how it spreads and how it controls the minds of the employees at the Federal Bureau of Control. We will also find out how we can use The Hiss technology for good rather than to turn people into zombies.

Does Sonic Frontiers Predict Human Extinction?

Let's analyse The End; one of the most complex villains in gaming history. In doing so, I hope to convince you that The End makes perfect sense as the final encounter in Sonic Frontiers.

The Science Behind the Lutece Field

Is inter-dimensional travel possible? How do you get an entire city to float? These questions will be answered with quantum physics, revealing the unexpected connection between these two phenomena.

The Red Alert 2 Tesla Reactor - A Technical Analysis

We try to figure out how the Tesla Reactor from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 works and how it compares to traditional power plants in terms of efficiency and environmental impact.

The DOOM Plasma Rifle - A Technical Analysis

Is the Doom Plasma Rifle technically feasible, or is it just Sci-fi nonsense? In this analysis we will try to figure out the technology behind the Plasma Rifle, and how it could be implemented in the real world.

Why Can We Hear Lightning?

Learn why lightning strikes and other electrical arcs are audible.

The 5 Whys in Electronics Repairs

What can you learn from Toyota to help you with electronics repairs?

Repairs when Parts are Missing

Tips on how to tackle an electronics repair when you only receive part of the unit.

Replacing the Tape Loop in a Tape Echo

Replacing the magnetic tape loop in the tape echo of a Dynacord King Guitar Amplifier.

Soldered Heat Sinks Can Give You Trouble

Something you should know when you are dealing with soldered on board level heat sinks.

Speed Repair: Carlsbro Cobra Power Mixer

A condensed version of the repair of a Carlsbro Cobra 90 PA Power Mixer, using the YouTube Shorts format.

Troubleshooting and Repair of the Vox Escort

Repair of a portable battery powered guitar amplifier from the mid 70s; the Vox Escort.

How Good Can A Wire Recorder Sound?

The fifth part of the wire recorder restoration. Demonstrating the sound quality.

Wire Recorder Tweaks and Repairs

The fifth part of the wire recorder restoration. Some last tweaks and repairs.

Refitting and Old Multi Capacitor

The fourth part of the wire recorder restoration. Gutting an old capacitor.

Why You Should Avoid High Voltage Film Capacitors

The third part of the wire recorder restoration. Taking a look at the properties of film capacitors.

Fixing the Suspension and Breaks on a Wire Recorder

The second part of the wire recorder restoration. Focusing on the mechanics.

A Look Inside An Old Wire Recorder

The first part of an extensive restoration of a Danish wire recorder.

Luxman R-5030 Speaker Terminal Replacement

Swapping the broken, lousy speaker terminals of the Luxman R-5030 for 4 mm banana sockets.

Pioneer TX-720 - AM/FM Stereo Tuner Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of the Pioneer TX-720 Synthesized Stereo Tuner.

Building a Nuclear Bomb Detonator Switch

Using the original patent to build the switch used in Fat Man; the most powerful bomb ever used in warfare.

How a Power Conditioner Works + Dimmer Repair

Going through what a power conditioner does and how it does it.

Denon AVR-2802 - Ghetto Repair for Common Failure

A video showing a modification that allows you to continue to use the power amplifier of the unit.

Noisy LEM DM 82 Disco Mixer Fix

Trying to be clever when fixing a noisy LEM DM 82 Stereo Disco Mixer, resulting in more work.

Hagström Spring Reverb - Repair and Demonstration

Systematic troubleshooting and repair of the Swedish made Hagström PA-200 spring reverb, followed up with a demonstration.

Technics SU-V50 - Amplifier Troubleshooting and repair

Fixing an electrical problem and a mechanical problem on a Technics SU-V50

Fixing a Dead Transformer in a Yamaha A-400

Performing surgery on a transformer to save it.

Remote Controlled Car Repair and Failure Analysis

Repair of the Auldey Race-Tin Wild Ranger X remote controlled car and an analysis on what caused it to fail.

Hagström PA-200 - Troubleshooting and Repair

Troubleshooting and repair of the swedish Hagström PA-200 PA amplifier.

Luxman M-120A - Power Test and Indicator Calibration

Finding out what is wrong with a Luxman Stereo Power Amplifier M-120A. A power test is carried out, followed by a power level indicator calibration.

Harman Kardon PM645 - Troubleshooting and Repair

Systematic troubleshooting and repair of the Harman Kardon PM645.

Bench Power Supply Troubleshooting and "Repair"

An Aim TTi EX355R Bench Power Supply found in the trash will be brought back to life by means of systematic troubleshooting

5 Unconventional Tools for Your Electronics Lab

5 useful tools that you might not expect in an electronics lab and some tips and tricks on how they can be used.

5 Troubleshooting Tips

5 troubleshooting tips based on situations from previous repair videos.

Hagström 26 Troublshooting and Repair

Fixing hum and distortion on a old Swedish vacuum tube amplifier.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Memory Technology

Taking a look at SEGAs unexpected choice of memory technology for Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

A look at the Dynacord King

Looking at the Dynacord King vacuum tube amplifier, inside and out, as well as replacement of the magnetic tape loop in the tape echo.

Cloning a PCB without CAD Software

The Luxman DML-02 replacement PCB is replicated from scratch without the use of any CAD software. This is part 2 of the Luxman 5C50 repair.

Inside a 26 Year Old Water heater

We take a look at the remains of a 26 year old decommissioned Metro Water Heater and find out how it works and what caused it to fail.

Laboratory Reference Preamplifier Repair

Troubleshooting of a Luxman 5C50 Laboratory Reference Preamplifier that outputs nothing but pops and clicks and how to repair it.

MIG Welder Repair

Troubleshooting and repair of the Telwin Maxmig 150/1 Turbo.

ZOOM 9002 Repair

A common failure of the ZOOM 9002 explained.

Wah-Wah Pedal Repair

A repair video focusing on systematic troubleshooting of the Colorsound WAH+FUZZ+SWELL.

Power Mixer Repair

A repair video focusing on systematic troubleshooting of the Carlsbro Cobra 90 PA.

Good Looking Music

Can music look good? Yes!

Electrocution by Music

Can you feel music flowing through you? Enhance your music experience by electrocution!

The NES Stereo Mixer

Get just the stereo sound you want out of the Nintendo Entertainment System with the NES Stereo Mixer!

Pushing Digital Recording to the Limit!

What happens when a digital recorder tries to record higher frequencies than it can handle? i. e. above the Nyquist frequency?

The Reflection of Lost Woods

How would Lost Woods sound if the piano keyboard was reflected? Listen for yourself.