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Here you can find finished or ongoing projects in various categories. Click on the project titles for more information on each project.


Good Looking Music

Can music look good? Yes! (See video)

Music can be visualized using an oscilloscope. Most music is pleasant to look at but may appear quite chaotic. You can make an effort to create the music that looks the way you want it to if you know how. The samples below can be used as a base for creating your own good looking music. By playing around with harmonies you will get different patterns, and you can achieve complex structures such as moving 3D objects by modulating the signal.

Ring.wav (Sine wave at 440 Hz)
Square.wav (Square wave at 440 Hz)
Rhombus.wav (Triangle wave at 440 Hz)

Here is a demo for you to use on your own oscilloscope to see what can be done with these samples:

Good Looking Music Demo.wav (192 kHz, 24 Bit)
Good Looking Music Demo.wav (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit)

The NES Stereo Mixer

Get the stereo sound you want out of the Nintendo Entertainment System with the NES Stereo Mixer! (See video)

The NES sound chip has five voices which are merged into two analogue outputs. The NES Stereo Mixer lets you distribute these two outputs in any way you like between the left and the right channel; letting you customize the stereo audio to just the way you want it.

Layout Back (Traces)
Layout Front (Ground Plane)
Layout (Enlarged)
Bill of Material


Tetrominoes Forever

Tetrominoes Forever 1.2 (.exe)

An unsolvable mathematical problem that tests your skill, strategic thinking and ideological conviction!

Tetrominoes Forever lets you break free from conventional boundaries by letting you choose just the game dimensions you want. Compete with the rest of the world with your own custom tetromino game!


Biological Memory

BioMem 1.0 and Review
Is Biological Memory the next step in the evolution of storage devices? Test it yourself with the BioMem simulator and see what you think!

Give the BioMem simulator a phrase and it will try to remember it.

Biological memory differes greately from conventional storage devices. To make the simulation of a biological memory as accurate as possible the BioMem simulator takes the following aspects into account: Length of phrase to remember, number of times exposed to the phrase, time since last exposure.

The Monkey

Monkey 1.4

If you put a monkey by a typewriter it will eventually produce Hamlet. See for yourself!

This is a realistic simulation of the monkey. Choose yourself what The Monkey should write and what typewriter it should use. The progress of The Monkey will be saved and can be continued or exported at any time.

Software Tools

Distribution Drawer

Distribution Drawer 1.1

Draw your own distributions!

Draw your own distributions and get an output file containing random numbers weighted according to your own distribution curves. Set the interval in which you desire to have your numbers generated, choose the output size (how many numbers to be generated), draw your own distribution and press generate.