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Here you can find original music, pictures and videos by semi-artist SunandWeather. There is also a project page where you can view and download finished or ongoing projects.



A new track has been added to the Music section. A Rock song.

Nothing Left

Power Mixer Repair and Troubleshooting video released!

Check out the video to see the troubleshooting and repair process of a Carlsboro Cobra 90 PA


Tetrominoes Forever released!

Tetrominoes Forever lets you break free from conventional boundaries by letting you choose just the game dimensions you want. Compete with the rest of the world with your own custom tetromino game!

Download the game with the link below, or head over to the project page for more information.

Tetrominoes Forever (.exe)

Make Good Looking Music!

Check out the video to see how you can make your own good looking music, and go to the project page to get the samples and start creating!


The NES Stereo Mixer project is finished!

Get just the stereo sound you want out of the Nintendo Entertainment System with the NES Stereo Mixer!

See the video and get the project files at the project page.


The Distribution Drawer is released!

Draw your own distributions and get an output file containing random numbers weighted according to your own distribution curves!


An experiment pushing digital recording to the limit is added to the video section


A Review on Biological Memory has been added to the Projects section


The BioMem Simulator is released!

Is Biological Memory the next step in the evolution of storage devices? Test it yourself with the BioMem simulator and see what you think!

Give the BioMem simulator a phrase and it will try to remember it.


A new track has been added to the Music section. An Electronic song.

It Makes Sense

The Picture section now containes the background and the header image available for download.


The Monkey is officially released!

If you put a monkey by a typewriter it will eventually produce Hamlet. Now you can get your own Monkey and you can monitor the progress yourself!

Version 1.4 lets you choose what The Monkey should write and what typewriter it should use. The progress of The Monkey will be saved and can be continued or exported at any time. It is also the most stable version of The Monkey yet with several bug fixes and a theoretically infinite life span!

Head over to the Projects section to download your very own Monkey!

2015-10-08 is launched!

Some initial content has been uploaded in each category. More will be uploaded soon

Pushing Digital Recording to the Limit!
What happens above the Nyquist Frequency?

What happens when a digital recorder tries to record higher frequencies than it can handle? i. e. above the Nyquist frequency?